Saturday, December 18, 2010

Puke & Powerade

Disclaimer: The following post is not for the queasy.

Friday morning Henry woke up at 4:40AM.  Needless to say I was not pleased, but I quickly went into his room to see why on earth he was up so early.  When I got there, he was sitting up surrounded by vomit (hey - you read the disclaimer...).  I took him out of his crib, changed his clothes, and my husband removed the sheet from the bed.  The remainder of the morning did not go much better.  He proceeded to throw up in my husband's shoe, in my husband's face, and in a couple of different toilets as well (I got pretty lucky). 

Unfortunately, I had an all-day meeting that I had to go to, so since I'm normally the one working from home, my husband took one for the team and worked from home on Friday.  Before I left, I told him to skip the milk, and to buy some Powerade, and to only feed Henry if he asked for food...and then to only give him bread or maybe oatmeal.  Well, right after I left, my sick son asked for food.  My husband happily watched while Henry ate the entire bowl, and then asked for more.  And then, as my husband turned around to make the next bowl, Henry threw up for the 4th time, all over his highchair. 

I like to add pics to my posts :)

And then the day of Powerade started.  My husband texted me from the store to find out which flavor to get (he really doesn't like to make any decisions).  This time I was actually happy that he asked because I had meant to tell him not to get any red flavors - this way we wouldn't think he was vomiting blood if he threw up again. So, "blue" was purchased (juices in general skeeve me out, but especially odd-colored ones), and for the rest of the day that's pretty much all he had.  Actually, not much eating happened at our house yesterday at all -my husband and I couldn't seem to get the stench of vomit out of our noses (or minds).  Here's hoping we don't have any more vomit fests anytime soon (luckily Henry was 100% better this morning, but his appetite is still lagging - I'm guessing that will change tomorrow).

Happy and (mostly) healthy eating - assuming I didn't just totally nauseate you!


  1. the poor guy - your son AND husband! I didn't know it was ok to give powerade to kids. That's interesting.

  2. Thanks - actually the doctor is the one who recommended Powerade. It's definitely not something I'd give to my son on a regular basis, but since he wasn't eating, and was vomiting, it helped to replenish his electrolytes and keep him hydrated.

  3. ali-they also make pedialyte packets to add to water yourself...pretty helpful, especially when traveling...

  4. we had that bug two weeks ago, dont be surprised if you and jason get it too, its soo contagious!! As for the appetite Ruthie's still isnt 100 percent, keep his diet simple and milk diluted until his stools are back to normal. Its been a week and were not there yet so I just bought probiotics today which supposedly help really well....good luck!

  5. So sorry to hear about all the vomit:( Hope he is okay for the party this week! I also would not have thought Powerade was ok for kids, thanks for the tip. For less severe throwing up, I have used coconut water and ices made from coconut water, (and of course strained chicken soup/broth!) and it helped but I am not sure it would have enough electrolytes for what you described.

  6. Tamar - thanks for the tip!

    Daniela - Yeah, it's really contagious...we were both sick today. Feeling much better though!

    And Debra - check out the new post for the differences between Pedialyte and Powerade. I like the idea of coconut water...I've actually never tasted it. And yes, we'll be at the holiday party :)

  7. I think your son may have ovarian cancer, best of luck Ian Shadow PhD..