Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Confession: My Son has 3 Breakfasts...

Breakfast is the one meal of the day that I never worry about.  Henry LOVES his oatmeal, and so I usually just stick with that option.  I'd rather pick my battles later on in the day when I'm not trying to run out the door and get to work or the gym.  His breakfast is simple to make...I take regular 1-minute plain oats, mix in hot water from the instant hot, and then add in unsweetened applesauce.  Along with his cup of whole milk, it's a nice balanced meal.  And Henry will generally finish off the whole bowl. 

...And then his daddy comes in the room, pours himself a bowl of cereal, and suddenly Henry is begging for food.  Another confession...though we've reduced the sugary cereals in the house, my husband still needs some of what I call the "snack cereals" in the morning.  To appease me, he mixes those cereals with Fiber One.  So, as Henry begs for food in the morning, my husband dutifully picks out strands of Fiber One from his bowl and puts them on Henry's tray so he can eat them. 

...And then I finally get a chance to eat.  I can't say that Henry always wants what I'm having (he's still not the biggest yogurt fan, and my strange choice of ricotta cheese this morning did not appeal to him at all...), but he likes to sit and eat more while I'm still there.  So, if he likes what I'm eating, he'll eat some of that too, and if not (or sometimes in addition) he ends up with a serving...or more like 2 servings...of Craisins as a dessert for breakfast. 

For the most part, Henry's three breakfasts tend to hold him over until least that's what I see the days that I work from home.  Aside from the fact that I don't love to share my food (I may have one time almost stabbed my husband's hand with a fork when he ate the dessert we were sharing too quickly...I take my chocolate seriously), I'm happy that Henry eats so well each morning and that we get to eat breakfast as a family (to some degree).  My only fear is that one day he may not opt for the healthy oatmeal and fruit as part of his large morning meal.  I guess I should warn my husband that the sugary cereals may soon be going bye-bye...

Happy and (mostly) healthy eating!

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