Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Veggie for the Whole Family

Last week I decided to experiment with a new vegetable - celery root or celeriac (or celery bulb as it was called in my shady vegetable market).

It's definitely not an attractive vegetable, but I really wanted to try it.  I had no idea how to prepare it, but then I found a recipe for Celery Root, Potato, and Parsnip Soup on the Foodie/Nutritionist Blog that looked relatively easy, and like something that we would probably like.  I pretty much followed the recipe exactly, but I skipped the evaporated milk and truffle oil, and instead added 1 additional cup of water and 1 cup of white kidney beans (for protein and texture).  I didn't try the celery root on its own, but it smelled just like celery when I peeled and cut it.  The soup itself was delicious, but it tasted more like parsnip to me than anything else.  I'm not complaining though because Henry ate 3 bowls' worth...and then tried to eat the bowl!
As is a toddler's prerogative, after loving the soup one night, he then refused to eat it the next two days that I put it on his tray.  I'm still saying he loved it though :)

Happy and (mostly) healthy eating!


  1. you are braver than I, some of these veggies I am so intimated by!

  2. Learned about this one from our CSA, never even heard of it before! We love it, makes soups so yummy! We tried a squash, celery root soup just last week.

  3. Michele - don't be intimidated :) Worse comes to worse it just doesn't taste that great!

    Debra - need to get that squash celery root soup recipe from you...I love anything with squash!