Tuesday, February 8, 2011

An Unlikely Pairing

Last night I decided to make tilapia again.  You might remember from last time that tilapia did not go over so well with Henry.  This time I decided to make it really easy and I just poured some Mr. Yoshida over the fish and cooked it.  I gave a few pieces of it to Henry along with some leftover roasted asparagus.  At first he just stared at the food and refused to try it.  And then I offered him hummus.  Definitely not a flavor that necessarily goes with Teriyaki sauce and fish, but Henry loves it.  So, I put some in his bowl on top of the fish and asparagus.  Next thing I knew Henry ate the entire stalk of asparagus along with all the pieces of fish.  He even ate a couple of the fish bites without hummus.  And then he asked for more.  Granted, he was asking for more hummus, but he accepted the fact that it came with more fish.  A very pleasant dining experience...thank you hummus!

Happy and (mostly) healthy eating!

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