Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tilapia? I don't think so...

Fish is not something I make all that often.  I only started eating fish a few years ago, and I tend to do better eating it if I'm not the one to prepare it.  But, I do try to make fish every once in a while to vary our diets a bit.

In the past, Henry has eaten and liked gefilte fish and lox.  Two weeks ago I tried fishsticks on him, and he liked that too (what's not to's more breading than anything else).  So, I decided to try tilapia on him last night.  I found a great recipe on the Cooking Light Website for Creole Cod (I had both cod and tilapia on hand so figured I could use the same recipe for both).  Even if you never plan to make this recipe, click the link to read the first comment on the is hilarious. 

Anyway, I made the fish last night and Henry would not touch it (my husband and I both enjoyed it).  But, he also would not touch the corn, so I knew dinner wasn't happening at all.  Today for lunch I tried the fish again.  Again, he wouldn't touch it, but I realized he was just too tired and put him down for a nap.  Finally after the nap, I tried the fish on him for a third time.  Again he wouldn't touch it, but he was willing to have a cucumber with hummus.  In between bites of cucumber, he willingly opened his mouth to fish.  He ate one bite.  Then I tried it again.  He took the fish, then opened his mouth, stuck his tongue out, and let the fish fall out.  He then took the piece that fell out and handed it back to me.  (Thank you, Henry).  I guess he wasn't a huge fan.

So after many days in a row of Henry eating new foods/recipes that I've made for him (often to my amazement), we've found something that Henry wouldn't eat.  I still plan on having him try it the next time I make it though - who knows what he'll like by then!

Happy and (mostly) healthy eating!

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  1. Hi Ali- I don't blame your son, I'm not a big fish person either!

    Love your blog- hopefully things are going well for you with SF!