Thursday, February 3, 2011

Black Bean Roll-ups

I hate to waste food.  I will go to great lengths to use up all leftover food and food ingredients.  Leftover soda from having company? It becomes the base for a sauce for chicken or meat.  Leftover kosher for passover mustard? Once again, it gets mixed into a sauce for meat or some sort of pasta dish.  Amazingly, even with some pretty gnarly ingredients, the end product usually turns out okay. 

This past weekend, I bought cream cheese because we were having brunch.  The problem is that we pretty much only eat cream cheese on bagels (aside for when I was pregnant and had a craving for cream cheese and Triscuits), and I normally don't eat bagels.  So, I quickly had to think of what to do with so much cream cheese.  Tonight I didn't have anything prepared for dinner, and I also didn't have much time.  I remembered, however, a recipe that my cousin Deb had made with wraps, black beans, and cream cheese.  I didn't have time to look up the recipe, so I improvised.  I took some cream cheese, mixed in some medium salsa, spread that on a whole-grain wrap, and then sprinkled diced red pepper, black beans, and corn. 

It took a total of 3 minutes, and Henry ate almost an entire wrap.  Makes me wonder why I make more time-consuming dishes... (As a side note, Henry preferred the half of the wrap that I hadn't cut up into cute little rolls). 

I still have about 4 ounces of cream cheese left.  Anyone have ideas of what else to do with it?

Happy and (mostly) healthy eating!


  1. for your cream cheese, just make a half recipe which will be plenty. not the healthiest dish but it is ridiculously good,161,131181-249198,00.html

  2. I would love to make something like this, but I know exactly what would happen: my kids would pick the roll apart, lick all the cream cheese off the tortilla, and leave all the healthy stuff on the plate. Sigh.

  3. Estyn...I'm a sucker for spinach-artichoke dip. That sounds amazing. If Jason were home for Super Bowl watching this Sunday, I would absolutely make it! I guess I'll just have to create an occasion.

    Naomi - Henry also sometimes picks out the healthy ingredients, but I keep trying, and sometimes he'll eat it all. Last night, he first started out only eating the wrap itself, and by the end he was eating the whole thing. Don't give up :)