Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Sophisticated Son?

Today for lunch the plan was to try the Potato-Leek Soup again, but Henry would have none of that.  I'm not sure what it is about the soup, but he won't even taste it, and shakes his head "no" as soon as he sees me taking the soup pot out. 

I figured he could just have the plain noodles that I put in the soup, but then he saw me take out sushi*.  He tried sushi months ago at his cousin's house (sans fish at that point), and was not a fan.  The only thing he actually liked was the pickled ginger (so strange).  This time I think the look of the sushi box got him interested.  He immediately asked to see it, and quickly stuck his finger in the spicy tuna roll and ate some.  I wasn't trying to get him to eat sushi, but when Henry is actually interested in eating something, I don't want to stop him.  And then, to my surprise, he picked up the piece and started eating it.  I was floored.  After a couple of nibbles, however, he asked for the box back again and just started touching them all.  I knew the sushi was only for me (and possibly my husband), so I let him at it - I always find Henry is more likely to eat food if he gets to play with it.  And then he picked up a tuna avocado roll and started nibbling that one.  I was so proud - my son who can drive me crazy with not wanting to eat even pizza, was loving sushi!

But alas, the excitement was fleeting.  Within minutes, he discovered the ginger container and then only wanted to play with that.  He took one bite of the rice that I stuck in his mouth, but immediately spit out the tuna, and then spicy tuna, that I got in after.  Our sushi experiment was done, and so instead of eating even one whole piece of sushi, he went back to his trusty muenster cheese.  It was nice having a sophisticated son for a couple of minutes though...

Happy and (mostly) healthy eating!

*Talk to your doctor about when you can introduce sushi to your children.  Some recommend waiting until over age 5, as that's when the immune system is thought to be stronger.


  1. ali-try miso soup. v loved it!especially the tofu inside...xox

  2. I'll have to try far Henry has not been a huge fan of tofu.