Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Foods?

Henry has gotten better with expanding his palate, but there are still times when he absolutely just refuses to eat.  I get that sometimes he's not hungry, cranky, or just wants to be the one in charge.  But lately, I've noticed that though he'll reject the foods I make, there are a few items that he always tries to eat:
Yup, that's right.  My son frequently tries to eat his shampoo, bubbles, and Desitin.  At first I thought he just liked chewing on the caps of the products because it felt good on his teeth/gums.  For instance, he tries to eat the bubble wand if I go to show him how to blow bubbles, or he'll chew on the cap of the Desitin when I'm changing his diaper (if he's able to grab it).  Over the last few days, however, I realized he actually is liking the products themselves.  He started sticking his finger in the bubble bottle to lick the bubbles, and he started figuring out how to open the Desitin and then tries to lick it out of the cap.  I always say "yucky" and take the products away, but he still wants them.

Really, I'm not concerned that he's eating the products.  I get that kids do weird things and I know to keep the products away from him now.  What irks me is that he will frequently "yuck" the foods I make, but always seems up for eating non-foods.  It can really give a girl a complex...

Anyway, future teachers of Henry, watch out!  My son will likely be the kid eating glue.

Happy and (mostly) healthy eating!


  1. haha love this Ruthie also eats the desitin i have to hide it!

  2. I guess Ruthie and Henry may both be the kids in the class eating glue :)