Monday, May 30, 2011

Polenta Pizza

Things have been busy lately.  Henry has been on a strange schedule, and honestly I have no idea what I've been feeding him or what he's been eating.  All I know is that he has been eating loads of watermelon.

This weekend, I tried to get his routine back to normal and introduce some new foods again.  For Friday night dinner, I was short on time so I quickly threw together some polenta.  It was very basic - cornmeal, water, and fake chicken consomme powder.  I mixed it all together over medium heat, spread it on a baking sheet, and then baked it at 350 for about 15 minutes.  I thought Henry would love it - he loves corn and he tend to love anything starchy.  But, Henry's only 22 months old, has a definite opinion now, and refused to even let it touch his highchair tray.  Since I didn't want to create a bad association, I removed it from his plate, and left him alone.

Sunday night I decided to try again.  Again, Henry didn't want it on his tray.  But then I decided to use the polenta as a crust and put tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese on top.  Next thing I knew, Henry was scarfing down polenta pizza.  Success!

Happy and (mostly) healthy eating!

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  1. Great idea, I gotta try that. I usually buy the logs of polenta and stiry fry it and then put stir fry veggies and cheese on it but I am sure the kids will love this waay more especially if i call it pizza :)