Monday, November 22, 2010

Eating Out...not so much

Tonight was really nice. Henry and I went into the city to meet my aunt-in-law (I know that sounds funny...) for dinner. We chose a kid-friendly diner-type place. My main concern when taking Henry out to eat is just that he sit nicely so that we can get through our meal without feeling really stressed out. And tonight, Henry did a great job. He sat in his highchair and played with everything in front of him, waved at anyone who passed by, and basically sat happily for at least 40 minutes. All in all, it was a successful night...except for the fact that Henry didn't actually eat any real food.

I ordered a veggie burger for us to "share" since Henry usually will eat veggie burgers. My aunt ordered an omelet...another favorite of Henry's. In front of him were eggs, veggie burger, pieces of the hamburger bun, and even some sweet potato fries. He didn't eat a thing! Usually he will at least play with the food, but this time it barely even caught his attention. At one point he did try a small piece of a sweet potato fry, but after a couple of seconds of chewing, he ever so politely spit it all out. It seemed like with all the hustle and bustle around him, he was too distracted to eat. So in the end Henry had a handful of baby puffs, and 2 honey wheat pretzels. I think next time I'll have to feed Henry before we get to the restaurant.

Anyone have suggestions for eating out?

Happy and (mostly) healthy eating!

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